What can you learn from the Simpsons?


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Network for Good has collaborated with Sea Change Strategies to produce two great documents: Homer Simpson for Nonprofits & Lisa Simpson for Nonprofits. Each document is tailored for charities or nonprofit organisations and focuses on how they can apply the theories from behavioural economics and science to their everyday fundraising strategies.

Lisa Simpson holding a cat, Homer Simpson eating a doughnut

The first document focuses purely on how nonprofits can benefit from the principles of behavioural economics. The document sets out the main points of why people don’t always make the best decisions and why we are more like Homer Simpson than we may think.

For us, these irrational decisions have high stakes. We’re not asking people to buy a Coke. We’re asking them to protect our environment, to safeguard our children, to fight for human rights. We’re asking them to change the world.
– Network for Good

Whilst not as detailed as Nudge, Predictably Irrational or Thinking Fast and Slow – that is actually the best thing about Homer Simpson for Nonprofits. It gives you a great overview of the insights from behavioural economics and examples that are relevant to the sector without having to invest a great deal of time in a lengthy book.

In a similar fashion, Lisa Simpson for Nonprofits looks more broadly at what science can teach about fundraising, marketing and making social change. Specifically, it covers:

– What influences the decisions people make?
– What most effectively motivates us?
– How do we identify ourselves?
– How do our values influence our reactions to marketing messages?
– Why do people give donations?
– Why are abstract concepts difficult to grasp?

You can get both documents for free just by giving your details to Network for Good and getting their newsletter every month.

Click here to download Homer Simpson for Nonprofits

Click here to download Lisa Simpson for Nonprofits

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