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A new online tool suggests that it can give you scientific insight to improve your website design. EyeQuant describes itself as a neuroscience meets marketing start-up that helps designers communicate their site benefits within the first few seconds of people viewing it. It claims that their technology can predict where people will look on your website, thus replacing any costly empirical eye-tracking studies.

“The EyeQuant online system lets you upload screenshots of your designs and will, within a couple of seconds, provide results that you can usually only obtain from a proper empirical study. Designers can now use attention-analytics technology to optimise their design.” – Fabian Stelzer, founder of EyeQuant

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how marketing is being revolutionised by using neuroscience. Anytime I hear the word ‘revolutionising’ in a sentence it gets me slightly worried and the rise in articles, books and talks about neuroscience in relation to design and marketing decisions has got others worried too. Recently neuroscientist, Vaughan Bell, wrote in the Guardian about how neuroscience has entered the public consciousness but that much of what passes as knowledge is inaccurate. He goes on to argue that the birth of many lucrative marketing firms have been based on this rise in folk neuroscience.

So EyeQuant does offer you a new way to look at your web design but whether that’s meaningful is not so clear. If you’re unsure of the arguments from the neuro-sceptics and want to give yourself a quick overview of the brain-related jargon that’s appearing in the media, Christian Jarrett has written a useful article on the 5-step self-defence program again neuro-nonsense.

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