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It’s such a tired cliché that after the Christmas blow-out everyone joins a gym with the solid determination that they won’t be one of the many who drop out by the time February rolls around. Tired as it may be the statistics from gym memberships show that it is actually true. In fact, if you are a regular gym-goer* you’ll notice how hard you have to fight to get your place on the running machines in January, how February eases off and by April you pretty much own it again.

In a nice twist on the story a new app encourages you to keep at the fitness with a little more incentive than just the dream of a perfect bod. When you sign-up to Gym-Pact you actually receive financial rewards for keeping to your gym routine, but if you don’t then it takes money directly from your bank account. Here’s the Gym-Pact promotional video to explain:

So positive reinforcement of receiving rewards when you go to the gym and the negative reinforcement of losing it when you don’t – would you sign up? You can also set up a group so you can start to compete with each other how often you workout.

I wonder about how effective financial rewards are in the long-term, or if it crosses the age groups. It reminds me of the proposal to pay kids to go to school. It may get them to school but they will only be going for the money and not actually wanting to achieve the main ambition (of learning). Remove the reward and the incentive goes altogether. Of course, the strong argument is that this is really only what happens when you get a job anyway.

If you sign-up and start using Gym-Pact then leave a comment and let us know how you’re getting along.

* For honesty’s sake I cannot pretend that this is me. I brake out in hives just thinking about the gym, but I moles who leak this info to me.

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