A new online tool suggests that it can give you scientific insight to improve your website design. EyeQuant describes itself as a neuroscience meets marketing start-up that helps designers communicate their site benefits within the first few seconds of people viewing it. It claims that their technology can predict where people will look on your[…]

A better inbox.

Whilst sat with a client recently I noticed the little red badge on her emails said she had over 2,350 unread messages. When asked, she remarked that most are spam and now there are just too many to deal with. Sound familiar?

Inbox Zero.

How do you manage your emails? In this video from Google Tech Talks, Merlin Mann talks about why it’s crucial for our productivity that we have a system for managing our emails.

Placebo Design.

Did you know that cyclists perform athletically better when they are ‘told’ they have taken a caffeine enhancement over when they actually do take a caffeine enhancement (Beedie et al, 2006). Also, people who thought they were drinking Vodka all night performed significantly worse on tests of memory – even though they were actually only[…]

Get organised!

Whether you fall into the stereotypical image of the brilliant designer who can’t organise anything for toffee or not, it’s nice to have some tools to make the management of design a little easier. Of course, a simple pad and pencil serves for an excellent to-do list but that simply isn’t techie enough for a[…]

Sketching and experience design.

Sit down, get yourself comfortable because this is quite a long one. However, it’s definitely worth taking some time to listen to Bill Buxton as he talks about the power of sketching and the process of design experience. Bill has been a key figure in design since working at Xerox Parc and now heads the[…]