There are a load of places that now create very cool posters aimed at designers (and no, I don’t mean the swaths of Keep Calm and… variety) and Dorothy are up there with the best. Probably most famous for their Song Map or 390 song titles made into a road map style, they have also[…]

Placebo Design.

Did you know that cyclists perform athletically better when they are ‘told’ they have taken a caffeine enhancement over when they actually do take a caffeine enhancement (Beedie et al, 2006). Also, people who thought they were drinking Vodka all night performed significantly worse on tests of memory – even though they were actually only[…]

Experiment results.

If you’re a regular visitor to ¡Design Thinkers! you might remember that last winter we launched a small experiment and asked you to take a short survey to help (you can see the original article here). The idea behind this was to conduct an informal (and not very robust) experiment on the effect packaging design[…]

What Type Are You?

This is a great, tongue-in-cheek Christmas message from Pentagram. The ‘type analyst’ asks you four probing questions to decide which typeface most suits your personality. Once you have your result you can compare how many others had the same font. There’s some lovely subtle elements in here too, especially the configuration of the artist’s hand-model[…]

#4 — Fonts for learning.

Sometimes a study comes along that just runs counter to your intuition and in doing so has an impact on your design. Last month Connor Diamond-Yauman and his colleagues published just such a paper in Cognition (2010).

Just My Type.

by Simon Garfield. It’s hard to know quite who this book is aimed at, the type geeks (mostly made up of graphic designers) or the interested layman? Well, it seems to aim right in the middle of the two, but in doing so often disappoints the former and confuses the latter.