Green Gaming.

A lot of what we talk about on here describes various ways of changing people’s behaviour. In advertising the behaviour change is to get you to buy their product, or switch from a rival brand to their product, or to love their product enough that you’ll become an advocate for getting other to change their[…]

Open IDEO – crowdsourcing for change.

In the last issue of ¡design thinkers! the post on crowdsourcing focused on whether the technique could be used effectively to source better design. Since then global design agency IDEO have launched a new crowdsourcing website called OpenIDEO. Unlike the other websites using crowdsourcing techniques the idea of OpenIDEO is to attempt to plug into[…]

Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man.

Off-Grid magazine recently claimed that advertising is arguably responsible for more damage to our planet than any human other activity (read article here). £900 billion or so is spent on advertising and marketing which fuels our desire for consumerist ‘stuff’.

Thanks for the #bikelove.

Part of the purpose of this site is to excite you about the opportunities that design thinking can bring to real world problems, excite you enough in fact that you start putting some of the theories and methods to the test. Design thinking shouldn’t be just something that’s a theory talked about in Universities or[…]

Save your energy.

A huge amount of talk is happening around how to change people’s behaviour towards their energy use. Engineers have devised one possible technical solution in the energy meters that are becoming more common around households. Gadgets such as the DIY Kyoto Wattson appealto both the frugal and the design conscious (as they look gorgeous) and[…]