A new online tool suggests that it can give you scientific insight to improve your website design. EyeQuant describes itself as a neuroscience meets marketing start-up that helps designers communicate their site benefits within the first few seconds of people viewing it. It claims that their technology can predict where people will look on your[…]

Ignorance, needs and wants – The psychology of brand choices.

Lining up at the supermarket checkout waiting to buy the shopping, I look in my trolley and see around 50 items. I wonder who put them there and how he chose them. I know I physically took the items off the shelves and put them in the trolley, but I have no idea of why[…]

The Rap Guide to Human Nature.

Do you want to learn more about human nature but don’t feel like wading through a dull text book? Well, why not just sit back and listen to the Rap Guide to Human Nature, no really, it actually exists and even more surprising is that it’s not a lame attempt at hip-hop it’s actually rather[…]

Neuro web design. What makes them click?

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Emotional slow down.

The flash of a speed camera in your rear view mirror is now a common fear of the motorist. It’s a classic example of giving a negative reinforcement on socially unwanted behaviour in the hope of removing that behaviour. However, the Gatso style cameras are expensive to produce and install (a whopping £30k each) and[…]

Buy a neuron – support vulnerable children.

Kids Company supports vulnerable children to help transform fragile lives providing sustained loving care so that they can manage their traumatic experiences of abuse, violence and neglect. They have come up with a novel way to get people to engage with their cause online and donate.


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