The city of Chester in England was formed in the year 79 as a Roman Fort called Deva Victrix and today the Roman Walls still surround the City. This is only one example of how we are surrounded by physical embodiments of our past but more often than not we don’t understand the stories behind[…]

Reality is Broken

by Jane McGonigal Jane McGonigal is probably the person most recognised as leading the current ‘gamification’ movement and in this book she outlines why she thinks that gaming can help in nearly every area of life.

The New Games Book

Edited by Andrew Fluegelman I read about this book in Jane McGonical’s Reality is Broken and sought it out on Ebay. Published in the mid-seventies, this book is half a guide to communal games you can play [in parks, beaches and other spaces] but the other half presents essays outlining the relevance and importance of[…]