Excuse me, there’s a fly in my…

… urinal. It seems that a swarm of flies have taken residence in Schiphol Airport’s urinals in Amsterdam. Most unusually one fly has adopted each one of the separate urinals as its final resting place. Upon closer inspection you’ll find that these flies have each been etched onto the porcelain with the purposeful intention of[…]

Sketching and experience design.

Sit down, get yourself comfortable because this is quite a long one. However, it’s definitely worth taking some time to listen to Bill Buxton as he talks about the power of sketching and the process of design experience. Bill has been a key figure in design since working at Xerox Parc and now heads the[…]

A more human zebra crossing.

Near where I live there is a hill leading down to a small park and woodland which is a favourite for local dog walkers. The concrete path leading down the hill is zig-zagged, I’m guessing the planners felt this would make the decline (or incline if you’re on your way up) less arduous. It seems[…]