All our ideas.

A group of researchers, led by Matthew Salganik at Princeton University, have created a new social data collection tool that combines both quantitative and qualitative features. All Our Ideas is an online tool that allows you to create a question you wish to explore, set a range of answers for the question but also give[…]

Cornwall’s Big Design Challenge.

In the last couple of issues we’ve focused on whether crowdsourcing can be a useful tool in design. We frowned on the sites that coaxed designers to participate in so called ‘creative crowdsourcing’ which seemed to be little more than a poor attempt at getting skilled people to give their time for free but were[…]

Open IDEO – crowdsourcing for change.

In the last issue of ¡design thinkers! the post on crowdsourcing focused on whether the technique could be used effectively to source better design. Since then global design agency IDEO have launched a new crowdsourcing website called OpenIDEO. Unlike the other websites using crowdsourcing techniques the idea of OpenIDEO is to attempt to plug into[…]

The designers’ guide to crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing has created dramatic results in aidwork and commercial enterprises and it’s now knocking on the door of design and raises the question of can crowdsourcing be a valuable method to commission effective creative services?