What can you learn from the Simpsons?

Network for Good has collaborated with Sea Change Strategies to produce two great documents: Homer Simpson for Nonprofits & Lisa Simpson for Nonprofits. Each document is tailored for charities or nonprofit organisations and focuses on how they can apply the theories from behavioural economics and science to their everyday fundraising strategies.

The Big Charity.

It is the current coalition Government’s highly publicised ambition that we build a stronger society – a Big Society in fact. Quite a lot of focus has been given to the action of ‘empowering communities and opening up public services, provoking both positive and negative reactions, but not so much attention has been given to[…]

Understanding our moral minds to motivate support.

Imagine that you’re on your way home from a successful shopping trip wearing your newly purchased £1000 suit/dress. Your journey home takes you past a river and you see a small girl struggling and shouting for help. If you jump in to save her your new suit/dress is definitely ruined, so what do you do?

How do you show support for someone who can’t see?

Since the launch in 2004 of the yellow LIVESTRONG awareness bracelet for the Lance Armstrong Foundation other charities have followed the lead by introducing their own versions in a variety of colours. The bracelets aim to raise money for the charity and act as a