Placebo Design.

Did you know that cyclists perform athletically better when they are ‘told’ they have taken a caffeine enhancement over when they actually do take a caffeine enhancement (Beedie et al, 2006). Also, people who thought they were drinking Vodka all night performed significantly worse on tests of memory – even though they were actually only[…]

Experiment results.

If you’re a regular visitor to ¡Design Thinkers! you might remember that last winter we launched a small experiment and asked you to take a short survey to help (you can see the original article here). The idea behind this was to conduct an informal (and not very robust) experiment on the effect packaging design[…]

Ignorance, needs and wants – The psychology of brand choices.

Lining up at the supermarket checkout waiting to buy the shopping, I look in my trolley and see around 50 items. I wonder who put them there and how he chose them. I know I physically took the items off the shelves and put them in the trolley, but I have no idea of why[…]

Design & Psychoanalysis: siblings in empathy

This article is about Design and Psychoanalysis, empathy, shopping to recapture your lost mum, Google as your mythical dad and Volvo as your mummy’s womb.