Inbox Zero.


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How do you manage your emails? In this video from Google Tech Talks, Merlin Mann talks about why it’s crucial for our productivity that we have a system for managing our emails.

People are living in their inbox: they leave it open all day long, it’s auto-checking all day, alerts pop-up every minute or so and email becomes the nexus for everything we do at work. People use it as a to-do list, a calendar and use it to determine what they need to get done today. That’s entering a world of pain, it’s not a system – it’s crazy!

— Merlin Mann

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  1. Brad Patterson added these pithy words on December 4, 2013 | Permalink

    Merlin Mann’s approach to inbox zero really helped to get me back on track with productivity.

    Here are the four simple rules I’ve adopted, inspired from his system: 1)process don’t “check email” 2) auto-filter 3) de-prioritize email and don’t sit in the inbox 4) Avoid email with your team … and of course, there are plenty of other small productivity tips that help too.

    Here’s the write-up/video/slides for a webinar I did:

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