Inbox Zero.

How do you manage your emails? In this video from Google Tech Talks, Merlin Mann talks about why it’s crucial for our productivity that we have a system for managing our emails.

On Productivity

Taken from The School of Life: Sunday Sermon series of talks, here Jane McGonical talks about how games don’t have to be time-wasters but can be used to actually help your productivity.

The value of design.

After the long video in the last issue this one will only take you a mere 3 minutes to absorb. The video is just an update from Dan Ariely, a behavioural economist at Duke University (and a favourite of ¬°Design Thinkers!) but poses an interesting question on the value of design.

Sketching and experience design.

Sit down, get yourself comfortable because this is quite a long one. However, it’s definitely worth taking some time to listen to Bill Buxton as he talks about the power of sketching and the process of design experience. Bill has been a key figure in design since working at Xerox Parc and now heads the[…]

Making the right choice – a trilogy.

When looking around the web at various lectures and videos I noticed a few of my favourite speakers were talking about a similar area so I thought I’d post three of these videos. Each of the following people explore how we make choices in our everyday lives and the factors that can influence us.

Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man.

Off-Grid magazine recently claimed that advertising is arguably responsible for more damage to our planet than any human other activity (read article here). ¬£900 billion or so is spent on advertising and marketing which fuels our desire for consumerist ‘stuff’.