A better inbox.

Whilst sat with a client recently I noticed the little red badge on her emails said she had over 2,350 unread messages. When asked, she remarked that most are spam and now there are just too many to deal with. Sound familiar?

Get Gamified!

There’s really only one way to find out if a gamified world is going to work for you and that’s to try it. Here’s some examples that you can try out online and on your smartphone.

Get organised!

Whether you fall into the stereotypical image of the brilliant designer who can’t organise anything for toffee or not, it’s nice to have some tools to make the management of design a little easier. Of course, a simple pad and pencil serves for an excellent to-do list but that simply isn’t techie enough for a[…]

All our ideas.

A group of researchers, led by Matthew Salganik at Princeton University, have created a new social data collection tool that combines both quantitative and qualitative features. All Our Ideas is an online tool that allows you to create a question you wish to explore, set a range of answers for the question but also give[…]

14 techniques to boost your creativity.

Creativity is a hard thing to control, sometimes you are a creative whirlwind with ideas flowing from you with the greatest of ease. Other times it’s a real struggle to get anything out of those little grey cells. So it helps to have some techniques at hand that can help to break through those creative[…]

Mental Notes to help with your designs.

When you’re busy working on that killer web design, iPhone app or software application it’s hard to stop and review whether you’re applying all your best thinking in order to get the desired response form your audience. Enter Mental Notes, a set of 50 resource cards to help quickly reference the main insights into cognitive[…]