#5 – Collecting.

If you grew up in the UK you may remember Panini sticker albums that encouraged kids to collect stickers of their favourite soccer players (I believe in the US the equivalent would be baseball cards). As you collected you filled up your album and traded cards with your friends in the struggle to complete the[…]

#4 — Fonts for learning.

Sometimes a study comes along that just runs counter to your intuition and in doing so has an impact on your design. Last month Connor Diamond-Yauman and his colleagues published just such a paper in Cognition (2010).

#3 — Priming.

Imagine you’re out shopping and you’re stopped in the street to help with a survey. You have plenty of time so you agree to help. It turns out the survey is on healthy eating and you are asked several questions on what you feel is a healthy diet and what you and your family eat.[…]

#2 – Creating competition.

Have you ever been so engrossed in your pursuit of that Ebay bargain only to realise, once you had won the item, that you probably could have purchased it cheaper on Amazon? If so, you are not alone and even the most professional negotiators and business men have found themselves swept way in the moment[…]

#1 – The scarcity principle.

Think about the following scenario; you’ve popped into your local shop to treat yourself to a bar of chocolate. Whilst you are reaching for a trusted Twix you spot a new dark chocolate Mars that’s only available for a limited time, do you change your mind? Well, the scarcity principle says that plenty of people[…]


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